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Medical School Ethics Committee Application Guidelines

Dicle University School of Medicine Non-interventional Clinical Research Ethics Committee serves in accordance with the relevant laws and guidelines.

The Ethics Committee of non-interventional clinical research at Dicle University School of Medicine excludes drug studies, studies involving surgery and other initiatives even if applied in routine, and gene therapy studies and studies in which new medical instruments are tried. For such studies, the Dicle University Clinical Research Ethics Committee should be consulted.

Some part of the Guidelines are as follow:

g) Non-interventional clinical research: all observational studies, survey studies, retrospective archival surveys such as file and image records, cell or tissue culture studies with research to be done with biochemistry, microbiology, pathology and radiology collection materials such as blood, urine, tissue, radiological images or materials obtained during routine examination, examination, assay and treatment procedures; research on genetic material, research on the limits of nursing activities, dietary studies on food additives, research on body physiology such as exercise, studies on anthropometric measurements and evaluation of life habits, such as research on all research to be done without the direct intervention of a human physician.,

Obligations and responsibilities of researchers

An investigation shall be conducted by a researcher and/or researchers who are under the responsibility and supervision of a specialist or a person who has completed his / her PhD, or a dissertation mentor. Researchers are responsible for being accurate and clear in the matters and responses contained in the application file when preparing a permit and approval application for medical research.

They cannot retain information that will be effective in evaluating their applications and making decisions.

After the approval of the Ethics Committee, the researcher's brochure, protocol, voluntary consent form, budget or changes to the researchers should be notified to the Ethics Committee in writing and the approval should be requested. The Ethics Committee should be informed when the investigation is not to start or will be terminated early. When new information and data that may be important for patient rights are obtained while the study is in progress, the board should be informed immediately.

The application files must be filled in on our web page, printed in two copies and also prepared electronically within the CD and delivered to our secretariat in the Ethics Committee Room next to the Dean's Office of Student Affairs. In addition to the e-mail attachment of the application form, it is useful to send it to our mail address (kuruletikdiyar@gmail.com). The application form of the Ethics Committee should be prepared in a very detailed-annotated manner and broad explanations should be made prior to each information requested. Please read the explanations related to each section carefully and write the information about your work in accordance with the explanations before completing the application form. As we are frequently ask, we would like to inform you that the approval of the Ethics Committee is required for retrospective research (due to the scientific use of personal information and as required by current legislation). However, there is no need to add an informed consent form to the file for retrospective research.

Our ethics committee convenes at 1:00 pm on the second Monday of each month, unless stated otherwise, to evaluate the files on its agenda. In July August and August, although our Ethics Committee is not required to hold a meeting, if there are excessive applications and the Ethics Committee has a number of members who will provide the majority of the meeting, a meeting can be held.

Instead of asking any questions to members of the Ethics Committee via telephone or private calls, you may send your requests to our email address (kuruletikdiyar@gmail.com) and your questions will thus be answered institutionally.

E-mail address: kuruletikdiyar@gmail.com

Phone: +90 (412) - 248 80 01 / 4631 - 4737