Department of Biophysics

Department of Biophysics

The Department of Biophysics at Diyarbakır Faculty of Medicine was established in 1969. With a history of 39 years, the department has been a continuous unit that has produced 10 professors and numerous associate professors and assistant professors. These faculty members have served in various universities across our country. The Department has hosted national and international congresses, published hundreds of articles in domestic and international journals, and proudly provided and continues to provide education and training services with its contemporary medical education approach within the Faculty of Medicine.


In the courses offered by the Department of Biophysics, theoretical knowledge related to the subject is primarily conveyed to students through presentations. Following the theoretical lectures, practical applications related to the course are conducted in the laboratory. In our theoretical classes, the working mechanisms of the human body are explained from a biophysical perspective. For example, the roles of elasticity potential energy and kinetic energy in the principles of the respiratory or circulatory system, or the parameters such as elasticity, surface tension, and forces in the alveoli are discussed to provide students with a different perspective and a better understanding of the events. In biophysics courses, each system is discussed separately (e.g., vision biophysics, hearing biophysics). Each system is taught to our students by faculty members who are experts in the respective field.

Academic Staff

  • Prof. Dr. Zülküf AKDAĞ
  • Prof. Dr. Veysi AKPOLAT

Contact Details

  • Address: Dicle University Campus 21280 DİYARBAKIR