Why Dicle University

Dicle University with a twenty-seven-thousand acre campus, is located on the bank of the Tigris River in Diyarbakır, the home to hundred of ancient civilizations throughout history. It is one of the oldest, biggest and most comprehensive university enabling studies at the very heart of rich and unique archeological and architectural sites.

  • Cosmpolitian DU: welcomes international students and teaching staff sharing different backgrounds ranging from Europe, Asia and Africa. The university offers significant opportunities with its modern technological classrooms, labs, workshops and studios for those preferring to get authentic and on the job life experiences.
  • Multicultural Habitat DU: having 40.000+ students and 4000+ staff, is a vivid and colorful educational center for those with varied cultural value, beliefs and origins. Being the symbol of unity, living togetherness, multicultural wealth and respect, the university is the hope for Türkiye and Middle East, thus the world, in training and preparing future generations.
  • Health Center DU: hosting a 1500-bed research hospital equipped with the latest technological facilities and experienced staff, is the biggest and most important health center of the region serving thousand of people consulting from different parts of Türkiye.
  • Heart of Economics DU: functions like a plant in training and supplying the required educated and experienced staff with high level of competency for economic world through its partnerships with a number of local, regional, national and international economic organizations and communities.
  • Top Choise DU: the most preffered university in the region, provides students with diverse programs at the pre-bachelor's, bachelor's, master, doctorate and post doctorate levels with a unique campus of 17 faculties, 3 schools, 12 vocational schools, 4 institutes, 36 research centers, state conservatory, technocity and congress center.