Vision and Mission


We aim to become a prestigious School of Theology that is highly regarded and whose members take pride in being a part of it. Our objective is to share the knowledge and values generated in the fields of General Theology and Basic Islamic Sciences at both national and international levels. Additionally, we strive to educate theologians, religious educators, and skilled religious officials who possess expertise in classical and modern knowledge and ideas.


Our goal is to train individuals in the fields of theology, religious education, and religious service who draw from the primary sources of their faith, adhere to national, spiritual, moral, and global values and cultural heritage, demonstrate respect for diverse beliefs and values, human rights and freedoms, environment and nature, possess both scientific and independent thinking capabilities, draw upon the historical body of knowledge, analyze and interpret information, conduct interdisciplinary research on religious phenomena, follow universal ethical values, evaluate it based on new developments, resolve issues that arise in religious matters by following societal needs and trends, and possess professional knowledge and skills, be useful, dynamic, free and virtuous.