Sociology of Religion

The Department of Sociology of Religion deals with the effects of religion on society and society on religion from a comparative perspective. It analyzes issues related to the social meaning and functions of religion in a way that is sensitive to social interaction processes, social institutions and social groups. It seeks to reveal the place and importance of religion in today's world by aiming to address religious formations and structures in an unbiased manner. It also discusses the emergence of the field as an independent discipline by discussing how it has been defined and addressed by classical and modern social scientists. It analyzes specific classical and contemporary problems specific to the field within the dialectic of structure and change. It aims to develop theoretical thinking skills on topics such as religious organizations, culture, tradition, modernity, globalization, postmodernity, secularization, multiculturalism. It tries to show how religion is practiced and understood in the context of social, political and economic developments in the contemporary world by drawing on knowledge from other fields of social sciences.