History of Religions

The History of Religions, which has a long history with the idea of investigating the religion of others, but has developed into an independent science in the modern period, today mainly conducts research and analysis with historical, comparative and phenomenological approaches. The subject of the History of Religions, which is in the process of developing its own methods both in the world and in Türkiye, is the human being who believes and has a religion. While dealing with the human being in terms of belief and practice, every aspect of the human being, both in the realm of the senses and beyond the senses, is included in the field of research. Its subject of research are , all traditional, national, universal and institutional religions.

Accordingly, all religions with and without followers in the world are in the field of research. The science of History of Religions, which examines religions with their sacred texts (Sacred books and Mythology), history, traditions, institutions, institutional structures, religious objects and objects, beliefs and practices, has two basic areas. The first one is the religious aspect, which covers all kinds of beliefs and basic saints such as god, holy, divine beings, angels, devils, demons. The second is the practice aspect that can be perceived by the senses, which includes prayers, rites and rituals, pilgrimages and visits, annual holidays, festivals and celebrations, initiation ceremonies and all kinds of worship with their traditions.