Arabic Language and Rhetoric

In order to directly understand the original sources of the religion of Islam and to examine the classical and modern works written in Arabic in the fields of basic Islamic sciences and cultural history, it is necessary to learn Arabic, which is the most important source language, and to understand the language subtleties in these works, it is necessary to know various disciplines that belong to this language, especially those gathered under the name of rhetoric.

The Department of Arabic Language and Rhetoric strives to teach Arabic language and grammar with modern scientific methods. The Arabic language course in our faculty aims to contribute to the teaching of Islamic sciences, but it also aims to educate students who can follow the developments in the Arab world and have the language skills to express their thoughts in written and oral ways. Thirty percent of the courses in our faculty must be taught in Arabic. For this reason, we have a compulsory preparatory class. In our preparatory classes, Nahw, Sarf, Qiraat, Muhadese, Spelling and Construction and Qur'anic Arabic courses are taught.

In the undergraduate program, Arabic I and Arabic II courses are taught in the first year and Arabic Language and Literature II courses are taught in the second year. In postgraduate education, there are two Master's programs, one in Turkish and one in Arabic, and two PhD programs, one in Turkish and one in Arabic, under the name of the Department of Basic Islamic Sciences.