Religious Education

The establishment of Religious Education as a scientific discipline in universities dates back to the early 20th century in the West. In Türkiye, the emergence of the Science of Religious Education as a scientific discipline has been quite late compared to Western countries. The topics of interest in Religious Education are as follows: Definitions and concepts related to the science of education and religious education; the relationship of the science of religious education with other sciences; the field, purpose and duties of the science of religious education; the historical development of religious education and training in Türkiye; the legal basis of religious education in Türkiye; religious development and learning; program development and approaches in religious education; religious education teacher competencies and training; Professional religious education and imam hatip high schools; religious education and religious services; religious education in the family; adult religious education; higher religious education; current problems of religious education and training. In undergraduate education as a department, the Religious Education course is taught in the first semester of the final year of the Faculty of Theology, that is, in the 7th semester.