Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of religion is a discipline of philosophy that examines religious and metaphysical issues in a rational, consistent and critical way. In this context, it attempts to ground issues such as how the relationship between reason and faith should be, God, His attributes and arguments about His existence, God's relationship with the universe, atheism, the problem of evil, the relationship between religion and science, the relationship between religion and morality, religious language, the problem of immortality, the relationship between religion and art, and aims to develop theoretical and practical thinking skills about these issues. The discipline of philosophy of religion, in which a rich literature has emerged in the world and recently in Türkiye, offers an important field of study on Western and Islamic thought.

I It aims to contribute to the formation of a healthy and coherent understanding of religion and metaphysics in the undergraduate education of theology students. As a department, Philosophy of Religion I and Philosophy of Religion II courses are taught in undergraduate education.