Turkish Islamic Literature

Literary texts have a very important role in the process of Turks becoming Muslim. Among the texts of Turkish literature of the Islamic period, religious texts such as Kutadgu Bilig, Atabetü'l-Hakâyık, Divan-ı Hikmet, which are very popular in the geography where Turks live, texts that examine Turkish and Islamic languages and cultures such as Divan-ı Lugati'tTürk, and the works of Sufis such as Mevlana, Hacı Bektaş, Yunus Emre in the following centuries, which enabled the spread and adoption of Islamic life with Sufi culture, are the main subjects examined in Turkish-Islamic literature courses. In addition, courses such as Ottoman Turkish, text analysis and commentary, which have an important role in understanding historical texts, are also taught within the Turkish-Islamic Literature courses.