Department of biophysics DUTF


As of today, the department of Biophysics, which has a history of 39 years, has trained 10 professors and many associate professors and assistant professors. These faculty members have served in various universities in different parts of our country. Our department has hosted national and international congresses, has signed hundreds of publications published in domestic and international journals, and has proudly maintained and is still maintaining education and training services within the Faculty of Medicine with the contemporary medical education it follows.

In the courses given by the department of Biophysics, first of all the theoretical information about the subject is taught to the students through dia demonstrations. After the theoretical courses, applications related to the course given (within the framework of the program) are made to students in the laboratory. In our theoretical lessons, the working mechanisms of the human body are explained from a biophysical perspective. For example, in the working principles of the respiratory or circulatory system, parameters such as flexibility potential energy and the role of kinetic energy or the roles of forces such as flexibility in alveoli, surface tension, etc. are discussed and thereby a different window opens for the students to better comprehend the events. In biophysics courses, each system is dealt with individually (such as vision biophysics, hearing biophysics). Each system is taught to our students by the faculty members with a high command of the subject matter.

Head: Prof. Dr. Zülküf AKDAĞ

Academic Staff:

1. Prof. Dr. Zülküf AKDAĞ

2. Prof. Dr. Veysi AKPOLAT

Contact: Dicle University Campus 21280 Diyarbakır

Phone: 0412 2488001