DUTF History

DICLE med school history of

today's universities have pioneered the foundation of our medical faculty. For this purpose, 20 December 1960 under the chairmanship of the 11 founding members Vehbi Ziya Gökalp Sincere Dabakoglu the Association of Performing by the University of Diyarbakir was established. The result of a long effort of 18 to study in the Faculty of Medicine of Ankara for the first time in December 1966, 50 students, medical faculty, Diyarbakir started learning on behalf of. The Founding Dean Of The Faculty Of Medicine, Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Is Payzin. On 1 October 1969 in Ankara, has started training students from getirilerekdiyarbakir. The Institute signed a protocol with the Ministry of Health and hygiene has been allocated for the upper part of the 2 year. Samples, chest, the maternity hospital staff, in conjunction with the land behind being transferred to the nursery by medical school (present-day state hospital) is a 120-bed hospital established barracks  6 and Y ine  the menstrual hut in anatomy, biology, chemistry, physics laboratories Ottoman sultan in the lot behind the buildings and narrow ulmuallim to the bottom of the walls was launched. Old buildings also are in position to fiska by the Ministry of National Education have been allocated to the medical school.

in the foundation of today's Medical College and hospital was completed in 1981 and opening on 9 July and 21 October 1972 thrown reviewed. Our faculty is newly established in 1974 and affiliated to the University of Diyarbakir. 1982 on our University, “Tsinghua University" has received the name. Fiska new road and bridge from position to put into service; the distance between the faculty and the city reduced to 3 km. Dicle medical school and training and research hospitals, classrooms, laboratories and administrative blocks, as well as close to a 1400-bed hospitals and clinics, outpatient clinics, operating rooms and intensive care units. Oncology Hospital main hospital outside the building in 2008, In 2010, children's hospital, the Heart Hospital operated in separate buildings in 2013. Emergency and Traumatology hospital to 2015 was launched. 43 of 327 Medical School, Department of faculty member, research assistants and medical students education and training sees around 380 1010. Since its establishment, 4492 1975 physicians and specialist physician training, medical faculty, Dicle, physicians, bringing together the four corners of Turkey, the region's most significant health guarantee with the success of the function to be continues.