DUTF microbiology

Department of Microbiology

Head: Prof. Dr. Kadri GÜL

Academic Staff:

1. Prof. Dr. Kadri GÜL

2. Prof. Dr. Mahmut METE

3. Prof. Dr. Selahattin ATMACA

4. Prof. Dr. Nezahat AKPOLAT

5. Dr. Nida ÖZCAN

6. Dr. Salim YAKUT

7. Dr. Nurullah UZUNER

8. Dr. Handan ÇETİN

9. Dr. Muhammet ÇELİK

10. Dr. Bernan YOKUŞ EM


The Department of Microbiology was found in February 1969 and currently implements a 4-Semester training program for doctoral and specialty students, and assistants are also involved in student courses and practices during this process.


Dicle University Campus 21280 Diyarbakır
Phone: (0412) 248 80 01-16

Fax: (0412) 2488440