Our Vision

  • To educate individuals who have a scientific understanding, are contemporary, democratic, productive, sensitive to national and global issues, capable of generating solutions, and environmentally conscious.
  • To train individuals who integrate theory and practice, have self-confidence and tolerance, embrace lifelong learning and self-renewal, are at peace with themselves and their surroundings, devoted to their profession, capable of critical thinking, and can express their thoughts in a civilized manner.
  • To educate Veterinarians who adhere to and uphold the ethical rules of the veterinary profession, and are aware of the laws, regulations, and guidelines in the field of Veterinary Medicine.
  • To follow and implement scientific advancements and research.
  • To ensure that the institution and faculty members have international-level qualifications.
  • To educate specialized personnel through postgraduate education.
  • To contribute to societal development by shedding light on advancements in animal health, behavior and welfare, production, breeding, nutrition, and genetics.
  • To provide education on food safety and public health from farm to table, raise awareness in the community, and analyze the quality and health of our food.