Department of Wild Animal Diseases and Ecology

Department of Wild Animal Diseases and Ecology

Initially, the Department was founded in 2018 as the "Department of Wild Animals and Ecology" within the Department of Basic Sciences. However, in 2021, a reevaluation was made, taking into account the existence of similar departments in other Veterinary Faculties. Consequently, the Department underwent a restructuring process. It was integrated into the Department of Clinical Sciences and renamed as the "Department of Wild Animal Diseases and Ecology.

The department has a multifaceted mission that encompasses several key objectives. Firstly, it is dedicated to the conservation of nature, with a particular emphasis on the protection of wild animals and the preservation of biodiversity. This includes activities such as the production and release of endangered animal species, as well as wildlife rehabilitation efforts.

The department also focuses on conducting research related to wild animal diseases, providing treatment to affected patients, and implementing necessary protection measures to safeguard both individual animals and populations. By addressing these aspects, the department actively contributes to the overall health and well-being of wild animals.

Moreover, an important goal of the department is to educate and graduate competent veterinarians who possess a comprehensive understanding of various aspects related to wild animals. This includes knowledge about animal behavior, welfare, inventorying, and monitoring techniques employed in the field. The department also emphasizes the integration of technology in wildlife management, as well as the promotion of sustainable practices and plans, including activities such as ecotourism, within the specified areas of focus. By equipping graduates with these skills and knowledge, the department aims to foster future professionals who can contribute effectively to the field and make a positive impact on the conservation and management of wild animals.

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Prof.Dr. Servet BADEMKIRAN - Department Head, 8653