Department of Laboratory Animals

Department of Laboratory Animals

The Department of Laboratory Animals offers a comprehensive undergraduate curriculum that covers various aspects related to experimental animals. The curriculum includes theoretical and practical courses on legal regulations, anatomy, biochemistry, histology, genetics, behavioral characteristics, animal welfare, modeling techniques, production, care, feeding and hygiene conditions, as well as the study of parasitic, viral, bacterial, and fungal diseases.

In addition to training veterinarians, the department also provides specialized education for professionals in laboratory animal science from diverse backgrounds such as biology, medicine, and pharmacy through master's and doctoral programs.

The department consists of two Assistant Professors, one Professor, one Research Assistant, and one lecturer.

Academic Staff

Name Email Extension
Prof. Dr. Alaettin KAYA - Head of Department
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zelal KARAKOÇ
Lecturer PhD Ömer Faruk KATANALP​ 8632
Research Assistant Nazan BAKSİ​