Department of Aquatic Animal Diseases

Department of Aquatic Animal Diseases


Department of Aquatic Animal Diseases, which was established in 2018 within the Dicle University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. In our department; Bacterial, viral, fungal and parasitic diseases of cultured marine and freshwater fish and aquarium fish species, prevention and control of diseases, hygiene of fish production enterprises, diseases of shellfish, diseases of mollusks, diseases of aquaculture caused by nutrition, disease states that can be seen from environmental factors Research and training are carried out in the fields of , zoonotic factors and their effects, fish immunology, molecular techniques, and theoretical and practical applications are carried out to develop the subjects..

  • Academic Staff
  • Assistant professor Filiz ÖZCAN


T.R. Ministry of Development Southeastern Anatolia Project Regional Development Administration Project Project name: Investigation of Bacterial Infections in Rainbow Trout Farms in Southeastern Anatolia Region, Determining the Effect of Climate on These Infections and Promoting Healthy Business

Director: Assistant professor Filiz ÖZCAN