Department of Anatomy

Department of Anatomy

Anatomy is the study of the normal structure, shape, and relationships of organs in the living body at both macroscopic and microscopic levels. It plays a crucial role in disease diagnosis, treatment, and preventive medicine. The primary objective of our department is to provide Veterinary Medicine candidates with essential anatomical knowledge.

To achieve this, "Anatomy I" and "Anatomy II" courses are offered, focusing on general anatomical terminology. Systemic anatomical features of domestic mammals and poultry are taught comparatively across different species. The "Topographic Anatomy" course further divides the living body into specific regions, providing students with an understanding of anatomical relationships. These courses also emphasize clinical examination approaches, interventions, and fundamental anatomical knowledge. In the Veterinary Medicine Maturation Training program for senior students, anatomy information that is valuable in medical practice is provided.

Theoretical knowledge is reinforced through practical courses that involve working with skeletons, cadavers, and models. Our department boasts a well-equipped practical laboratory, which includes a dedicated hall for student practical sessions, a data projector, and formaldehyde pools for cadaver preservation.

Academic Staff

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Prof. Dr. Mehmet KILINÇ - Head of Department 8615
Assist. Prof. Dr. Asuman ARKAŞ ALKLAY 8683