Department of Biostatistics

Department of Biostatistics

Academic Staff

NOTE: There is no staff member in the Department of Biostatistics. Asst. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şener YILDIZ is the Head of the Department.

About Department

Biostatistics is a concept that refers to the use of some statistical methods and models in certain biological and medical applications. Clinical trials of new drugs, viability analysis, investigation of risk factors in epidemiological events, solving statistical problems related to animal production and food hygiene are among the tasks of Veterinary Biostatistics.

Veterinary Biostatistics is the name and application of Statistics in the field of veterinary medicine. Veterinary Biostatistics, in terms of being related to health and with an epidemiological approach, is similar to Biostatistics in Medical Schools. In this sense, it covers most of the topics of Medical Biostatistics. On the other hand, since animal production is also involved in the field of veterinary medicine in addition to health, Veterinary Biostatistics also includes Biometrics issues related to animal production.

The aim and objective of the Department of Biostatistics is to develop Veterinary Biostatistics, to improve and strengthen the statistical infrastructure of scientific research in the field of veterinary medicine, and to train scientists for the field of Biostatistics.

There is no academic staff in our department. Head of Department Asst. Prof. Dr. It is carried out by its member Ahmet Şener YILDIZ.

Our Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 2. The Biostatistics compulsory course offered in his class was taught by Dr. Dr. between 2010-2016. Lecturer. It was given by Ahmet Şener YILDIZ and after this date, it started to be given by faculty members in various units of our university.

Course Programs and Contents

Course Name Issued Unit Class Compulsory/Optional Period Lesson time ACT
Biyoistatistik Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 2 Compulsory Fall 1T+1P 3