Machine Drawing and Construction

Academic Staff

  • Prof. Dr. Hasan BAYINDIR - Department Chair
  • Lecturer Burhan SEVEN - Program Chair / Program Advisor
  • Asst. Prof. Hayri YILDIRIM

About the Program

The program provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge in machine drawing, general machine construction, and the ability to design and build machines. The program aims to bridge the gap between workers and engineers by training technical staff. Graduates of the program can find employment opportunities as machine drawing and construction technicians in various public sector institutions such as Sümerbank, General Directorates of Highways and State Railways, and the Machinery Chemical Industry Corporation. They are also qualified to work in factories under institutions and municipalities.

The program trains technicians who work in technical offices, production workshops, or quality control units in both public and private sector factories. They hold positions such as foremen, workshop chiefs, and technical office staff. These technicians act as a bridge between vocational high school graduates and mechanical engineers.

With their strong knowledge of drawing techniques and understanding of design and engineering principles, machine drawing and construction technicians effectively communicate between technical artists and engineers. They play a crucial role in ensuring smooth collaboration and effective implementation of projects.

The program focuses on various aspects of production, including addressing customer requirements, material selection, strength calculations, design creation, and technical drawing using computer-aided design programs. It emphasizes proper planning for timely and accurate production, ensuring product quality aligns with technical specifications. Additionally, the program aims to foster effective communication within the team and across the organization.

Key courses in the program cover subjects such as mathematics, technical sciences (statics, dynamics), strength and machine elements, material knowledge, production technology, technical drawing, construction, Machine drawing and construction, quality control, computer-aided drawing, computer-aided production, AUTOCAD, CAD-CAM applications, and project techniques. These courses equip students with essential knowledge and skills required in the field of machine drawing and construction.

Required Qualifications:

To enroll in the Machine drawing and construction program, individuals should have a genuine interest in machinery and machine design. They should possess a strong foundation in mathematics, physics, and painting. Additionally, aspiring students should demonstrate keen observational skills, have a good sense of spatial relations, be able to draw precise and smooth shapes, and possess qualities of creativity, curiosity, and the ability to collaborate harmoniously with others.

Graduates of the program are awarded the title of "Machine drawing and construction Technician." These technicians find employment in technical offices, production workshops, and quality control units of both public and private sector factories. They hold positions such as foreman, workshop chief, and foreman.

Machine drawing and construction technicians play a vital role in bridging the gap between vocational high school graduates and mechanical engineers. Working in technical offices, they possess a strong understanding of drawing techniques and are well-versed in design and engineering principles. This unique combination allows them to effectively communicate and collaborate with both technical painters and engineers, facilitating seamless coordination in the workplace.