Interior Space Design

Academic Staff

  • Lecturer Şevket Baran YÜCEL - Department Chair / Program Chair / Program Advisor
  • Lecturer Merve NARİN
  • Lecturer Heval AYDIN TETİK
  • Lecturer Merve YILDIRIM

About the Program

The program focuses on the creative and functional design of interior spaces, considering user needs and utilizing a multidisciplinary approach. Established in 2017 at Dicle University's Diyarbakır Technical Sciences Vocational School, the program aims to train modern designers who can effectively combine art and technology in the creation of technical drawings for interior arrangements. Students acquire knowledge and technical skills at international standards, enabling them to confidently design spaces, work independently, and uphold professional responsibility and ethical standards.

Our program admits students based on their TYT scores. Since 2021, we have implemented a 3 + 1 education model. This model involves three semesters of theoretical and practical courses at the university, followed by one semester of practical training in workplaces to meet the demand for skilled designers. To graduate from the Interior Design Program, students must successfully complete the specified courses in the curriculum program, totaling at least four semesters and 120 ECTS credits, as well as complete a 30-day internship. Graduates will have the opportunity to work in public institutions with the title of "Technician."

Interior Design Technicians can find employment opportunities as intermediate/technical staff in architecture, interior architecture, and restoration offices, as well as in companies that offer interior and furniture technology services or require such services. They can also work in public institutions and organizations, and in businesses involved in the production of furniture, decoration, and other interior design products. In Addition, they have the option to establish their own workplaces.

Additionally, graduates have the option to take the Vertical Transfer Examination (DGS) and transfer to undergraduate programs in fields such as Interior Architecture, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, Architecture, Handicraft Design and Production, and Traditional Turkish Handicrafts. This transfer allows them to pursue a bachelor's degree in the chosen field.