Automotive Technologies

Academic Staff

  • Assoc. Prof. Erdal ÇILĞIN - Department Chair
  • Lecturer Halis DEVİREN - Program Chair / Program Advisor
  • Lecturer Kadriye ERANTEPLİ

About the Program

Upon completing the program and earning the title of Automotive Technician, graduates will possess the qualifications to bridge the gap between managers/engineers and workers in the after-sales service sector. They can also choose to establish and operate their own automotive-related businesses. The education they receive will enable them to effectively communicate and collaborate with others, exhibit a high level of manual dexterity, and stay updated on contemporary trends in advanced technology and information technologies.

Automotive technicians find employment opportunities in various levels of main and sub-industry automotive factories, assuming roles and responsibilities equivalent to technicians. Within these units, they take on tasks and responsibilities ranging from group leadership, service management, sales group leadership, spare parts management, service workshop management, to personnel training.

Laboratory Facilities

The laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art internal combustion engines and training sets. Students in this facility gain practical skills in automotive basic mechanics, as well as in the electrical and electronic fields.