Landscaping and Ornamental Plants

Academic Staff

  • Assoc. Prof. İbrahim DOLAK - Department Chair
  • Assoc. Prof. Ahmet KOÇ
  • Lecturer Dr. Talip TURNA

About the Program

The program aims to protect and enhance natural resources, cultural heritage, and landscape elements. It focuses on addressing environmental issues caused by agricultural, industrial, and urban activities, analyzing and evaluating data on the natural, cultural, and socio-economic environment. Graduates are equipped with the skills to plan and implement green areas in various settings, including residential areas, cities, coastal regions, tourism areas, national parks, and nature conservation areas. They contribute to the planning and regulation of spaces that promote human well-being and happiness. Graduates receive an Associate Degree diploma in Landscape Program. They can pursue careers in government agencies such as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Ministry of Forestry, and Parks and Gardens Directorates of Municipalities, as well as private sector establishments including tourist hotels, landscape architecture offices, ornamental plant sales departments, and nurseries. Additionally, they have the option to establish their own businesses.