Electrical Appliance Technology

In this program, theoretical and practical training is given at two-year associate degree level. The technical service personnel for the maintenance and repair services of electrical appliances, especially household electrical appliances, and the necessary intermediate technical personnel who may take part in the production stages of electrical appliances are trained. The firms engaged in production in the white goods sector primarily prefer the graduates of our program for the need of technical personnel because they are educated in the relevant subject.


The technological infrastructure of our program is sufficient and there is one Home Appliance laboratory. In our program, the laboratory facilities of electrical and electronic programs and computer laboratory facilities with very good infrastructure are also utilized during the training.

Electrical Appliance Technology Program is a daytime program with 30 student quota.

Minimum credit required for graduation:

 Total: 100 National credits and 120 ECTS

Compulsory Internship: 30 working days

Duration of train: 2 years


Those who have successfully completed the Electrical Appliances Program, an associate degree program, can be transferred to the following bachelor’s programs if they are successful in the External Transfer Exam held by OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Center).

Bachelor’s Departments that can be placed by students through External Transfer Exam *

Bachelor’s Departments that can be placed by students through External Transfer Exam *

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Electronics Engineering


Physics engineering

The sections in the 2018 OSYM guide.

* are the sections given in 2018 OSYM guide.

In addition, our graduate students can complete their bachelor's degree by registering at Anadolu University Open Education Faculty without exam.

('' Students who have graduated from or study an associate degree program of any higher education institution can register at one of the associate degree programs of Anadolu University without taking exam and deleting their records in formal / distance education on condition that the new program is not the same with the previous one.”)




Home Appliances Laboratories

PLC Laboratories

Analog Electronic Laboratories

Measuring Laboratories

Digital Electronics Laboratories

Soldering Laboratories