Seed Technology

About the Program

Program Coordinator

Lecturer Muhammet ÖNER

Program Advisor

Lecturer Muhammet ÖNER

Internship Advisor

Lecturer Muhammet ÖNER

Program Introduction

The program aims to train technical personnel who will carry out quality and certified seed production to achieve high-yield and high-quality agricultural production. They will be capable of conducting research and development in seed production, as well as marketing activities in the field of seed production.

Job Opportunities

  • Employment opportunities in the central, provincial, and district organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, as well as other public institutions and organizations.
  • Opportunities to work in domestic and foreign seed companies engaged in seed production and research and development activities at seed production stations.
  • Employment opportunities in seed certification organizations.
  • Working as technicians in the laboratories of food processing factories or analytical laboratories.
  • Ability to establish seed dealerships and start their own businesses.

Vertical Entrance

  • Garden Plants
  • Garden Plant Production and Marketing
  • Organic Farming Management
  • Plant Protection
  • Plant Production and Technologies
  • Field Crops
  • Agricultural Biotechnology

In addition, graduates can transfer to Anadolu University's departments without quotas, such as Finance, Economics, Business Administration, Labor Economics, and Public Administration, without an exam.