About the Program

Program Coordinator

Lecturer Abdulhaluk YILMAZ

Program Advisor

Lecturer Abdulhaluk YILMAZ

Internship Advisor

Lecturer Abdulhaluk YILMAZ

Program Introduction

The program aims to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the fields of horticulture, fruit growing, viticulture, mushroom cultivation, and ornamental plant cultivation.

Job Opportunities

  • Employment in public institutions such as municipalities, State Hydraulic Works, Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock, etc.
  • Opportunities to work in private sector nurseries, greenhouses, companies involved in mushroom cultivation, indoor and outdoor ornamental plant cultivation, and landscape design.

Vertical Entrance

  • Garden Plants
  • Garden Plant Production and Marketing
  • Plant Protection
  • Field Crops
  • Plant Production and Technologies
  • Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
  • Organic Farming Management