Travel Tourism and Entertainment Services

Tourism Animation Program

Head of Department

Lecturer Ender ÖZBEK

Program Chair

Lecturer Adnan Burak ACAR

Program Adviser

Lecturer Ender ÖZBEK

Academic Staff

Lecturer Ender ÖZBEK

Lecturer Adnan Burak ACAR

Lecturer Mehmet Şerif ÇUBUK

Program Introduction

The aim of the Tourism Animation program is to train qualified staff who can ensure that these people come back to the business again, primarily by relaxing and entertaining customers in the tourism and entertainment sector. In the Tourism Animation program, courses such as Make-up Technique, Comedy Technique, Recreation and Animation, Sports and Game Information, Movement Rhythm and Dance Technique, Stage Practice, World Dances, Step-Aerobics, Choreography, Stage Tools Technical Information, Basic Music Information, Speech Art and Technique, Turkish Culture and Folk Sciences, Puppet and Shadow Play, Children's Animation, Turkish Folk Dances, First Aid, Water Sports, Handicrafts are taught and practiced. Those who want to study in the Tourism Animation program should be people who have theater talent, who are interested in social psychology, who can communicate well with people, who are very careful and tidy, who take care of their appearance, who are prone to learning foreign languages. Graduates of the Tourism Animation program are given the title of "Tourism Animation Vocational Staff". Our program is trying to provide the best education to its students with its teaching staff. Due to the fact that our school is located in a region visited by local and foreign tourists, our students have the opportunity to be constantly intertwined with the tourism and entertainment sector. This environment gives students the opportunity to reinforce their theoretical education in the field of practice.

Job Opportunities After Graduation

Graduates work in tourism enterprises with the title of "Animator". Animators can find jobs in tourism enterprises, entertainment sector, kindergartens and primary schools, municipalities, public education institutions, animation agencies, organization companies, theaters, televisions, etc.

Faculties for Vertical Transfer

Candidates who have successfully completed their associate degree education can make vertical transfer to undergraduate programs related to their fields, provided that they are successful in the DGS (Vertical Transfer Exam) exam. They can also make vertical transfer directly to the relevant undergraduate programs of Open Education Faculties without examination.