Introduction of Vocational Practices in Business

Transition to Workplace Practice Training

Diyarbakır Vocational School of Social Sciences

Introducing the Workplace Education Model

Workplace Training Practice Model

Definition of the workplace education application model; 3 semesters of the education provided over 4 semesters in Vocational Schools are organized as formal education and 1 semester is organized as full-time applied education in enterprises / institutions. The main goal of the workplace training application model is to train qualified intermediate staff and personnel needed by the business world together with the business world by having today's technologies and knowledge in the time period needed. Within the scope of the 3 + 1 education model, protocols are established with administrative administrations, non-governmental organizations, public and private sector organizations. Thus, both our students and faculty members can meet and communicate with businesses more easily and effectively. The protocols realized within the scope of the workplace education practice model are of great importance in ensuring the transformation and continuity of workplace education into a more solid-based and systematic practice. The aim of the workplace training practice model is to improve students' decision-making skills by applying the knowledge and skills they acquire through education in workplaces in the relevant sectors, to enable them to gain on-the-job experience and activities that enable them to recognize their responsibilities, employee-employer relations, organization, production and occupational safety systems and new technologies in the workplaces where they will work as qualified professional staff. Today, it is possible to see university-industry cooperation based education in many parts of the world.

Benefits of Workplace Training

What are the Benefits of the Workplace Education Model for the University?

  • The university will have the opportunity to graduate its students with professional experience, skills and work experience,
  • The university will have the opportunity to closely follow the current requirements of the business world,
  • It will be possible to produce practical solutions to the problems experienced in the business world,
  • R&D activities will increase with university-business cooperation,
  • It will continue to be preferred because it facilitates the employment of the students it graduates.

What are the Benefits of the Workplace Education Model Application to Society?

  • With the university, business world and society acting in cooperation, the country's development will accelerate and the unemployment rate will decrease,
  • Families will be less worried about their children's future,
  • The cooperation between the society and the university will be ensured as employees in the enterprises will be able to communicate with the academic staff responsible for the students and share social and technological problems easily,
  • The self-confidence of families whose children are raised as skilled will increase.

What are the Benefits of the Workplace Practice Education Model Application to Students?

  • Our students will gain practical skills by reinforcing what they learn in theoretical courses with workplace practice,
  • His/her sense of responsibility and aptitude for teamwork will increase and his/her self-confidence will improve,
  • Since they will be trained by seeing and applying the technology of the day, it will be easier for them to find a job,
  • They will shape their goals for the future and will have no difficulty in career planning,
  • They will be introduced to the realities of the business world earlier and their adaptation process will accelerate; they will grasp the meaning and importance of business discipline,
  • They will get to know themselves and realize their talents,
  • If the workplace approves, they will have the opportunity to work in the same workplace as soon as they graduate,
  • He will have the opportunity to overcome his lack of experience,
  • They will have the opportunity to earn income during the program.

What are the Benefits of the Workplace Training Application Model for the Business World?

  • Professionals who gain professional experience by seeing the work and production processes in person will be trained and employment will become easier,
  • Individuals with the required qualifications and practical skills will be trained to prepare and place the right personnel for the right job,
  • With the cooperation of the business world and academic staff, the education programs and contents at the university will be updated in line with the requirements of the business world, and individuals who are beneficial to businesses will be trained,
  • Businesses will be able to identify students who fit their needs and a harmonious working environment will be ensured,
  • Businesses will be relieved of the burden of initial training of employees by ensuring that the required qualified personnel are personally trained with the conditions of the day,
  • It will be ensured that enterprises benefit from R&D incentives through university-business cooperation.