Textile Technology

Academic Staff

  • Lecturer Nurcan AKGÜNEŞ - Department Chair / Program Chair / Program Advisor
  • Lecturer Şebnem NOYAT
  • Lecturer Rukiye KAYA

About the Program

The Textile Technology Program is a leading provider of skilled professionals in the textile and garment industry. Its goal is to train technicians who possess the necessary qualifications, are adaptable to innovative thinking, have strong problem-solving skills, and can apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world business situations. The program, which spans 2 years with an annual quota of 40 students, offers both theoretical and practical vocational courses, as well as general culture courses. Additionally, students undertake a 30-day industrial internship during the summer semester. Graduates of the Textile Technology Program have opportunities for employment in various departments such as design, planning, production, marketing, and management within the textile and garment industry.