Mapping and Cadastral Survey

Academic Staff

  • Lecturer İlyas ASLAN - Department Chair
  • Lecturer Enis KALAYCI
  • Lecturer Yunus TEKTAŞ

About the Program

Geodetic studies yield tangible outcomes in the form of topographic maps of various scales. These maps play a vital role in the utilization and planning of living spaces in modern society. Essentially, a map is a representation of a specific portion of the Earth on a smooth geometric surface. Conversely, cadastre involves the identification and mapping of land parcels, along with their locations, boundaries, areas, values, rights, and associated governmental obligations. While map production relies on mathematical principles, cadastre is governed by legal regulations. The conversion of the geometric characteristics of tangible objects on Earth into an abstract representation, such as a map, involves the process of abstraction.

The program aims to educate and train competent professionals in the fields of infrastructure, natural structures, historical monuments, and engineering structures. It focuses on developing skills in condition assessment, deformation measurement and calculation, urban information system applications, land registry and cadastre information system, disaster information system and management, land use planning, and the creation of 3D urban models. With the rapid advancement of technology and the growing population, these areas are crucial for meeting the needs of society. Considering future projections, factors such as the European Union Process, increasing societal awareness, and the demand for efficient transportation indicate a high demand for skilled personnel in this field within our country. The primary objective is to produce well-trained professionals who are knowledgeable, skilled, and possess good ethical values to fulfill the requirements of this field.

Graduates of the program will possess the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in various roles within municipal departments, data management, tunnel and dam construction projects, public organizations, and private construction companies. They will be prepared to work as technicians and project assistants, taking on responsibilities in diverse fields of work.