Diyarbakır Vocational School, which was established under the Ministry of National Education in 1976-1977 academic year, was connected to the Rectorate of Dicle University on July 20, 1982. While giving education in single-storey barracks on the University campus between 1985-2002, our school moved to the 4th Block of the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture in 2002.  Diyarbakır Vocational School of Technical Sciences started to accept its first students in the 2013-2014 academic year as the Diyarbakır Vocational School was divided into three vocational schools. At present, our Vocational School continues its education with 46 members of teaching staff and 2524 students in 12 departments and 20 programs as primary (daytime) and secondary (evening) education. As of 2016, with 12 departments and 2524 students and with a total of 20 programs, 12 of which are of secondary education, our school has continued its education, and continues to grow with each passing year by strengthening its administrative and academic structure.

Strong research infrastructure and quality of education are aimed in the departments of our school. The studies leading to new and modern technological expansions are continuously being carried out. The fact that the infrastructure of the laboratories of our school always tries to follow the innovations is the result of our policy of reaching the international standards for science and research. The academic staff of our faculty have computers and internet access. In order to serve our students and academics, there are 36 modern classrooms and 18 laboratories, 6 of which are computer laboratories. In addition, there are 14 workshops, 3 lecture halls, and 1 conference hall.

The use and follow-up of the opportunities brought by contemporary technology in education and training is a necessity. Projectors to be used during courses and activities have been installed in all classrooms and laboratories by our directorship.