Office Management and Executive Assistantship

About the Program

Program Description

The aim is to train office managers who can support the office work of managers in public and private sector businesses, equipped with knowledge and skills to reduce the burden of office activities. They should be proficient in computer usage, possess strong communication skills, be able to utilize all types of office technology, have knowledge of protocol, and have managerial decision-making and analytical skills, as well as a sense of creativity.

The Office Management and Executive Assistantship program provides 2 years of theoretical and practical training based on workplace applications at the associate degree level. The medium of instruction is Turkish. A total of 35 students are admitted to the day program. In their second year, students spend at least one day a week participating in workplace training for office work and office management. In order to graduate, they must successfully complete all courses and complete a mandatory 30-day summer internship.

Academic Staff

  • Lecturer Serap TANYILDIZ
  • Lecturer Ender ÖZEREN
  • Lecturer Menderes DEĞER