Computer Programming

Computer Programming

The Computer Programming Program provides information on computer programming relevant to a professional work environment. Through practical applications conducted in laboratory settings, students are equipped with the necessary skills to become experienced programmers and computer system users. Upon graduation, our students mostly find employment as Computer Programmers.

The Department of Computer Technology and Programming is equipped with fundamental knowledge of computer science, technical expertise in programming languages, and the ability to adapt easily to evolving technologies, enabling us to train programmers who can meet the demands of the industry.

Why choose a "Vocational School"?

One of the objectives of higher education is to provide vocational training in fields that are in demand by the industry for high school graduates. To achieve this goal within a relatively short period of two years and produce competent professionals, vocational schools have been established. The education provided at vocational schools not only imparts vocational skills but also serves as the first stage of undergraduate education. Graduates of vocational schools, who obtain an associate degree after two years of education, can continue their studies for a "bachelor's degree" if they meet the necessary requirements.

What qualifications will Computer Programming students possess upon graduation?

At the end of the two-year education period, Computer Technology and Programming students will possess the following knowledge and skills:

  • Basic computer knowledge for efficient work in the industry
  • Technical knowledge and skills required for programming languages
  • Effective and fluent usage of common operating systems and applications
  • The ability to design and develop a medium-scale software system through all stages
  • The ability to keep up with technological advancements and easily adapt to innovations

The Computer Programming Program currently has three instructors providing education at the associate degree level.

Academic Staff

  • Lecturer Leyla ARTUK (Department Chair)
  • Lecturer Rıdvan KENANOĞLU
  • Lecturer Derya TUNA