Agricultural Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

In an era of information, there is a need for a trained intermediate workforce to ensure the parallel development of agriculture and industry. For this purpose, vocational schools have been established within many universities. In line with meeting the demand for technical personnel arising from the completion of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP) in our region, our university made efforts to open vocational schools in the early 1990s to meet this demand. As a result of these efforts, Bismil Vocational School of Agriculture Tools and Machinery started its educational activities in the academic year of 1993-1994.

Our vocational school is equipped with a Mechanical Workshop, a Thermal Engine Laboratory, and a Computer Laboratory. All classrooms are air-conditioned. The majority of our classes are conducted in classrooms equipped with projection devices. Additionally, we have an Agriculture Tools and Machinery park for practical applications. Currently, our vocational school has 2 faculty members and 7 lecturers.

The aim of the Agriculture Tools and Machinery Program is to increase labor productivity and reduce production costs in agricultural production. At the associate degree level, education and training are provided by two instructors in the use, manufacturing, development, and maintenance of agricultural machinery. The program focuses on the following topics:

  • Soil tillage tools and machinery
  • Planting and fertilizing machinery
  • Irrigation machinery
  • Crop protection machinery
  • Harvesting and threshing machinery
  • Product processing tools and machinery
  • Agricultural electrification
  • Operation and planning of agricultural machinery
  • Natural energy sources
  • Mechanization in animal husbandry
  • Design of agricultural machinery
  • Research on environmentally friendly alternative energy sources.

Academic Staff

  • Asst. Prof. Reşat ESGİCİ (Department Chair)
  • Lecturer Cemal SÜDEMİR
  • Lecturer Abdurrahman ORAL