Our Vision

To train educators who can effectively monitor and evaluate the impact of physical education and sports on individuals and society, our goal is to develop professionals who are active, creative, innovative, critical, free, and scientific thinkers. These educators will be deeply respectful of human rights and will enhance their managerial skills, fostering teamwork and collaboration, while adapting to the demands of modernity and a globalizing world.

Our institution is dedicated to providing education and training in sports sciences and leisure time evaluation at international standards. We strongly encourage multidisciplinary studies and continuously renew ourselves through research and practical applications. Our commitment to universal academic and ethical values is unwavering.

By nurturing the intelligence and abilities of individuals to their maximum potential, we aim to contribute to the happiness and well-being of society. Our focus is to equip our students with contemporary knowledge, skills, and behaviors, enabling them to employ cutting-edge approaches specific to the field. Ultimately, we strive to produce highly qualified Physical Education and Sports Teachers, Coaches, and Sports Managers who embody contemporary, universal values and can effectively apply their acquired knowledge and skills. Our vision is to cultivate a country composed of healthy individuals with a high quality of life.