Teaching Strategies

The Teaching Strategies of the Program

The Teaching Strategies implemented by our department to achieve the Educational Objectives of the program are provided below:

  • Providing students with the most modern educational facilities and environment possible.
  • Equipping students with proficiency in at least one foreign language (English) at a good level.
  • Delivering adequate education for a solid understanding of fundamental theories and concepts within mathematics.
  • Cultivating versatile thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Inviting experts in the field to give seminars and presentations, thereby gaining different perspectives on various mathematical subjects.
  • Integrating computer-aided courses within the undergraduate program to develop software skills, enhance computer proficiency, foster creativity, and encourage critical thinking.
  • Allowing students to focus on specific areas in alignment with their personal characteristics and preferences through elective courses outside the department, thus gaining knowledge related to global issues such as environment, culture, technology, and art.