Pharmacology: It is the science that examines the sources, activities, mechanisms of action, benefits and side effects of drugs and substances with the potential to become drugs, briefly their biological effects. Pharmacology courses offered in different faculties and colleges of Dicle University are also taught. Continuing research areas in Pharmacology Department are: Isolated organ studies, Cardiotoxicity, nephrotoxicity, and ischemia reperfusion techniques, Behavioral pharmacology, Molecular pharmacology.

Academic Staff

Assist. Prof. Zeynep ERDOĞMUŞ ÖZGEN (Department Head)

E-mail: zeynep.erdogmuş

Phone Ext: 7551

Assist. Prof. Merve İNCİ ÇAMCİ


Phone Ext: 7564

Assist. Prof. Meryem ŞEYDA KAYA


Phone Ext: 7544

Research Assistant Mehmet KAYA


Phone Ext: 7545