Quality Policy of The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Dicle University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, within the limits of legislation, has adopted the following as quality policy;

- To carry out educational and research activities recognized at international level,

-To develop projects that create social values based on cooperation with institutional partners,

- To establish the management and organizational understanding that enables the units to work with participatory, coordinated and high performance,

-To have academic staff that train individuals who constantly improve themselves, research, question, and have effective communication skills and social sensitivity,

-To train individuals who possess the required knowledge, skills, behavior and general culture of the profession, who are sensitive to the environment and who give importance to occupational health and safety,

- To be a university that meets the expectations and needs of those provided with service, and that focuses on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction,

- To implement and continuously improve the Quality Management System in accordance with the vision and mission of the University by spreading institutional quality awareness and culture,