Department of Parasitology

Department of Parasitology


Our faculty, which was established in 1992 and became operational in the 1993-1994 academic year, was established in the Parasitology Department on the same date. It continues to serve with a faculty member and a doctor research assistant.

About The Department

There is one faculty member in the Department (Assoc. Prof. Duygu Neval SAYIN İPEK).

Parasitology, Helmintology, Protozoology, Entomology and Bee Diseases courses are offered as compulsory courses and Diagnostic Techniques in Parasitology courses are taught as elective courses at the undergraduate level in the Parasitology Department. In these courses, information is given about the clinical laboratory diagnosis, life cycle, classification, treatment, prevention and control of helminth, protozoan and arthropod infections of domestic mammals, cattle, poultry, bees, laboratory animals and aquatic animals. Information is also given on zoonotic diseases that are closely related to human health.

In the laboratories of our department, researches are carried out with routine laboratory services and project opportunities provided by various Parasitology institutions. To investigate the diseases caused by parasites on a scientific basis with the existing technological infrastructure and to enable the development of specific multidisciplinary projects for the detection and solutions of the problems related to these diseases.

Scientific researches on the epidemiology, ecology, taxonomy, treatment, prevention and control of vector-borne diseases in animals and humans and vector-borne diseases in Helmintology, Protozoology and Entomology are carried out.