Department of Microbiology

Department of Microbiology


Department of Microbiology was established in 1992 at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and has been providing education and training since the 1993-1994 academic year.

About The Department

The department has a total of 3 faculty members, including 2 Associate Professors and 1 PhD Research Assistant. The Department of Microbiology offers a total of 5 compulsory undergraduate courses (Microbiology I and II, Immunology and Serology, Epidemiology, Avian Diseases) and 2 elective courses (Bacterial Zoonoses, Microbiological Diagnosis and Methods) in the fall and spring semesters.

Research Areas

The Department of Microbiology conducts research on microorganisms, including bacterial and mycological agents that cause diseases in animals, microorganisms that can be transmitted from animals to humans, and environmentally derived microorganisms, for the purpose of diagnosing infectious diseases.