Hydrobiology Research Laboratory

Hydrobiology Research Laboratory

Laboratory Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Hülya KARADEDE AKIN

Laboratory Extension: 3199

The Hydrobiology Department was established within the Department of Biology at Dicle University's Faculty of Science in the year 2005. The Hydrobiology Department focuses on theoretical and practical research as well as education in the fields of taxonomy, ecology, conservation biology, and interactions with the environment (hydrological, physicochemical characteristics) of aquatic organisms (plankton, benthic micro and macro invertebrates, fish) in aquatic ecosystems, as well as lake and river management. Additionally, research in the laboratory involves the identification of existing plankton species, benthic invertebrates, and fish fauna in our region, along with studies to identify endemic and species that need protection. Various studies are also conducted on biodiversity and fish biology. These research efforts, particularly on the Dicle and Tigris river water systems, contribute significantly to both national and global scientific understanding.

The Hydrobiology Department, which conducts limnological research on aquatic ecosystems, currently consists of 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professor, and 2 Research Assistants.

Keywords Related to the Department's Research Areas:

Aquatic ecosystem; Aquatic organisms (Benthic; Plankton; Fish); Aquatic toxicology; Dicle, Tigris Water Systems; Ichthyology.