Department of agricultural structures and irrigation



Prof. Dr. Öner ÇETIN   ( head of Department )

Doc.Dr. SAD joy

Ars.See. DOĞANAY Good pride



general information section

Section 2004. “agricultural structures and irrigation department” was opened with the name. The study of the main subjects of the chapter, Agricultural Engineering, Agricultural Structures, irrigation, drainage, hydrology, environment, drought, water quality, climate change and the use of wastewater in agriculture covers. Also, and especially Southeast Anatolia region with a significant potential for agricultural irrigation in our country and offers research and educational activities directly related to agricultural production. The main purpose of the chapter regarding the work developing a new and emerging engineering technologies by applying  a major problem in the southeastern Anatolia region, especially in the case of the crop to ensure the resolution of disputes in relation to irrigation, modern irrigation techniques and technologies to increase efficiency is to reduce the negative aspects as well as on the environment. Research activities on these topics continues.

graduates with the title of agricultural engineer in the head with government agencies the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, State Hydraulic Works, Municipalities, Ministry of environment, Irrigation, Irrigation associations and private Companies, including a large work area.

the department currently has 1 professor and 1 doctor of a faculty member. That is not sufficient staff and faculty member be given a degree. However, the curriculum required by the faculty located in other sections of the compulsory public service courses (Meteorology, surveying, irrigation and drainage engineering, drainage and water quality, irrigation techniques, the effects of climate change on agriculture Fertigation) pre-degree, undergraduate and at the graduate level are taught.

Additionally, by the faculty members for many years,  The State Water Affairs under the Ministry of Agriculture and forestry, provincial and district directorates of Agriculture and forestry, gap Regional Development Administration, Menemen International Agricultural Research and Training Center Directorate, irrigation associations, development agencies, organized by the Chamber of Agriculture Chamber of agricultural engineers and national and international courses for farmers, technical staff, as others, including engineers and educational centre.

on an ongoing basis by the members of the Department research projects are being carried out. To date, there have been 15 pieces in total 12 national applied research projects conducted by public institutions and the other 3 work was carried out with the support of TUBITAK.

Section emergency a sufficient number of faculty, there is a need for research and especially for the reasons mentioned above.

the following section include some issues and work activities that are performed by the Department.



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