Department of Child Care and Youth Services

Child Care and Youth Services Department

Child Development Program

Head of Department

Lecturer Mehmet ATILMIŞ

Program Chair

Lecturer Mehtap EFE

Program Adviser

1st Class Lecturer Mehmet ATILMIŞ

2nd Class Lecturer Mehtap EFE

Academic Staff

Lecturer Mehmet ATILMIŞ

Lecturer Mehtap EFE

Lecturer Özden Duygu ÇELİK

Program Introduction

The aim of the program is to train well-equipped and qualified intermediate staff in the Development and Education of Children with Special Needs and Children with Normal Development 0-18 years of age.

Admission and Registration Requirements:

Those who graduated from the Child Development Department of the Vocational High Schools for Girls are placed in the Child Development Program by taking advantage of the right to pass without examination, and other high school graduates are placed according to the YGS-4 score they received in the University Examination.

Who Should Choose This Program?

Especially; 1.Interested in human development, open to learning, 2. Likes cooperation and teamwork, being together with children and spending time with them, 3. Understand the concerns of parents and are interested in finding solutions to their problems, 4. People who are willing and patient to work with children with different development can study this department.

Job Opportunities After Graduation

As Administrator, Teacher and Teacher assistant in Special Education and Rehabilitation centers, Private Nursery and Kindergartens. As a Master Instructor in Kindergartens and Primary Schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education. As a foster mother in the Mother and Child Health and Family Planning Centers of the Ministry of Health, Hospitals and Social Services Child Protection Institutions. At the Prime Ministry Family Research Institute, Administration for Disabled People, State Planning Organization, OÇEM and Children's Homes. Family Counseling Centers and orphanages. Education Houses under the Ministry of Justice. In the preparation and execution of children and youth programs and educational programs on radio and television. Children's Theaters etc. they can work in many places.

Faculties for Vertical Transfer

Those who successfully complete the "Child Development" Associate Degree program, if they are successful in the "Vertical Transfer Exam" (DGS) opened by OSYM; Child Development and Education Teaching, Preschool Teaching undergraduate programs can make vertical transfer. Graduates who complete the undergraduate program as a result of vertical transfer gain the title of Teacher, and also get the chance to become a Lecturer by studying at a higher level in Universities.