Voice Training

Department of Voice Training

The Voice Education Department at Dicle University State Conservatory provides students with the opportunity to develop their solo singing skills in a comprehensive educational setting. Students passionate about music and singing can immerse themselves in the field of voice education.

The department offers a range of courses that equip students with fundamental musical skills from the beginning, such as Turkish Music Solfege and Theory, Western Music Solfege and Theory, Voice Training, and Instrument Training. At the undergraduate level, students delve into repertoire, Turkish folk music, Turkish art music, folk music information, folklore, music history, form information, harmony, and piano courses. The program spans four years of education.

Established in the academic year 2005-2006, the Voice Education Department at Dicle University State Conservatory aspires to be recognized as one of the most esteemed institutions for professional music education in our country and around the world. It strives to maintain national and international standards in artistic and scientific activities, as well as scholarly publications.

Job Opportunities for Graduates

Graduates of the Voice Education Department at Dicle University State Conservatory have a wide range of career opportunities. They can find employment in corporate radio and television, public education centers, foundations, and private art schools. Graduates can also pursue a career as voice performers or choose an academic path.

In addition, our graduates are well-suited for roles as academicians in institutions that offer vocational music education. They can also thrive as artists and art educators in public or private art institutions and ensembles.

Furthermore, by completing pedagogical formation training, graduates can explore opportunities in institutions affiliated with the Ministry of National Education.

Department Activities and Statistics

The Voice Education Department operates with a team of six dedicated academic staff members, providing education and training to a total of 64 active students.

Since its establishment in 2005, the Department of Voice Education has produced a total of 85 graduates, showcasing its commitment to cultivating skilled professionals in the field.

Course Structure

The academic program at Dicle University State Conservatory comprises a comprehensive selection of theoretical and applied courses. Of the total courses offered, 75% are compulsory, while the remaining 25% are elective. The elective courses are further categorized into in-field courses, which constitute 90%, and out-of-field courses, which make up 10% of the elective options.

The initial four semesters of the program primarily focus on providing students with fundamental knowledge in the field. Subsequently, starting from the fifth semester, the courses aim to develop specialized knowledge, skills, and competencies in the chosen area of study.

Student Admission

The admission process involves the following steps:

  • Candidates must take the university entrance exam and achieve the required threshold score.
  • Candidates must then take the special talent exams for the Voice Education Department.
  • Candidates who are successful in both exams will be considered for admission.
  • The number of admitted students will be determined by the quota set by the university.

Academic Staff

  • Lecturer Ahmet GÜNDÜZ
  • Lecturer Tuna ÇETİN
  • Lecturer Bayram ÇÖKLÜ
  • Lecturer Sibel ÇELİK
  • Lecturer Perçin DEMİRKOL YALÇIN