Department Of Animal Science


Prof. Dr. Muzaffer SO   (head of Department )

Doc. Dr. Nihat TEKEL

Doc. Dr. Ramazan DEMIREL

Doc. Dr. SIRELI Marine H.

Doc. Dr. Muhittin PASSION

Dr. Assoc. Member Ali Murat TATAR  (deputy dean)

Dr. Assoc. Member Wishes ŞENTÜRK DEMIREL

Dr. Assoc. Ilkay BARITCI member

Aras. See.IPCAK Hasan Hüseyin


Department of Animal Science Faculty of Dicle University opened in 1995.

animal science department

the department has 1 Professor, 4 associate professor, 3 Dr. lecturer and 1 Ars.See. (ÖYP) serves.

professional in the sense of Animal Science, Animal Production Engineering and  improving economic and environmental conditions in farm animals by genetic structure, healthy, reliable, high-quality animal products and animal production is a science that aims to increase. Breeding of animals of economic importance in line with these principles, Rehabilitation, Nutrition, Food Technology and application studies on topics such as education and research are among the activities of the Department of animal science.

undergraduate, graduate, PhD program, Department of animal science to improve animal husbandry in the southeastern Anatolia region in national and international major projects under way.

research and application of the section in the unit, the following units are available and various scientific studies are carried out in these units.

  • sheep breeding
  • egg production
  • Quail Breeding,
  • Organic chicken broiler Farming
  • cattle,
  • organic food production facility
  • Organic goat production
  • Beekeeping
  • Biogas
  • feed analysis and Animal Nutrition Laboratory
  • animal breeding and Physiology Laboratory

agricultural engineer graduate from the Animal Science Department, Agriculture and animal husbandry of the Ministry of Forestry directly or indirectly interested in public institutions and in the private sector, are employed in.

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