The purpose of the internship is to provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience in their field of study. Students will participate in various studies at domestic and foreign public and private institutions and related units of Higher Education Institutions. This will help them to develop their knowledge and skills, increase their professional manners, and gain practical experience.

To apply for an internship, students must submit a petition to the institution or organization they wish to intern at (DÜ-FRM-431). If their application is accepted, they must submit their documents to the Document Registration Office with the form DÜ-FRM-428 and the petition DÜ-FRM-429.

Students who do not start their internship on the date and place determined by the Internship Commission, or who notify in advance that they will not start their internship, will be deemed to have given up doing internship that semester.

The Internship Documents of the students whose internship place is determined (Photocopy of the application petition-1 piece, Insurance letter-1 piece) are sent to the unit where the student will do internship through the Directorate.

When the internship is over, the institutions send the Internship Result Certificate (form no. DÜ-FRM-433) to the Directorate within 10 days at the latest from the end of the internship.

The internship of those who do not receive the Internship Result Certificate or who arrive after the specified date will not be accepted.

Those who want to do their internship later must apply with an internship postponement petition (form no. DÜ-FRM-430).

Those who have done their internship before must apply with an internship exemption petition (form no. DÜ-FRM-432) and a document showing that they have done their internship.

You can easily access the latest versions of forms and petitions, simply enter the form number in the search bar on the forms page of the Quality Development Coordinator's website at