Our Mission

The mission of the Business Administration program is to prepare our students for the future by providing them with the highest standard of education in line with the expectations of the industry and our students. Associate degree programs in Business Administration aim to train leaders and intermediate staff who can generate and implement projects in the industry, elevating them to a level where they can become the building blocks of the business world.

The mission of the Banking and Insurance program is to educate trained professionals who can work efficiently in this rapidly developing sector. Until recently, higher education programs specifically focused on this sector were not available, and the rapid growth of the finance and insurance industry clearly highlighted the shortage of qualified personnel in this field. It is our primary duty as educational institutions to address this shortage. We educate our students with this awareness in mind.

The mission of the Office Management and Secretarial program is to train highly skilled employees for both the public and private sectors. In today's world, we understand that personnel working in office services need to be well-equipped with up-to-date technical and administrative knowledge, just like those working in the field. Therefore, we continuously strive to enhance our educational quality in order to better prepare our students.

The mission of our vocational school is in line with the vision of "Climbing to the Summit in Quality." Our school's mission is to achieve excellence in education.