Business Administration

About the Program

Program Description

The objective of the Business Administration program is to educate graduates who have fundamental knowledge and skills in business management. These graduates should be able to work as intermediate staff, assistant managers, or middle-level executives in both private and public enterprises. They should also possess the ability to follow and apply technological and scientific advancements, as well as the necessary qualifications required by the market. Additionally, the program aims to cultivate successful graduates with strong social relationships and interpersonal skills.

The Business Administration Program offers a two-year education following high school. The program admits 30 students. It is mandatory for students to complete a 30-day internship in their relevant field. Students are required to take and pass all compulsory courses offered in the program.

Academic Staff

  • Dr. Lecturer Ozan KAYMAK
  • Lecturer Mustafa Kader ALTAN
  • Lecturer Murat EKİN
  • Lecturer Şükran CENGİZ