Organic Agriculture

About the Program

Program Coordinator

Lecturer Rengin YERLİKAYA ANLİ

Program Advisor

Lecturer Rengin YERLİKAYA ANLİ

Internship Advisor

Lecturer Rengin YERLİKAYA ANLİ

Program Introduction

The aim of the program is to educate agricultural technicians equipped with the knowledge and skills required by the profession, who can use modern production techniques that do not harm the environment and human health, in order to produce and process plant and animal products, preserve the natural balance, select inputs suitable for organic farming methods, and control their production, processing, and storage accordingly.

Job Opportunities

The graduates of the program hold the title of "Organic Farming Technician." Organic Farming Technicians have employment opportunities in organic farming enterprises, control and certification organizations, companies engaged in greenhouse vegetable and ornamental plant cultivation, seedling and sapling production facilities, seed production enterprises, and soilless farming establishments. They also have wide job opportunities in institutions affiliated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and universities. Especially, there are job opportunities in organic food processing establishments.

Vertical Entrance

  • Garden Plants
  • Garden Plant Production and Marketing
  • Organic Farming Management
  • Plant Protection
  • Plant Production and Technologies
  • Biosystem Engineering
  • Field Crops
  • Agricultural Structures and Irrigation
  • Agricultural Economics
  • Animal Science
  • Agricultural Machinery and Technologies Engineering
  • Soil Science and Plant Nutrition