Location & The Campus

Diyarbakır, one of the oldest settlements in the world, is the largest city in the Southeastern Anatolia Region and one of the largest cities in Turkey.

Diyarbakır, benefiting from the cultural heritage that has evolved throughout history, has nurtured many sages and thinkers. With its folkloric characteristics, it is also a source of richness. The colorful motifs in woven rugs and saddlebags are vibrant and warm examples of various symbols that have emerged from the depths of history.

Diyarbakır, known as the Paris of the East, captivates visitors with its modern appearance. With its wide shopping and entertainment centers, art street, park forests, spacious streets, and recreational areas, it offers its residents a modern lifestyle within the historical setting.

Dicle University, established on fertile lands irrigated by the Tigris River, spanning over 27,000 acres and taking its name from the historic Tigris River, is not only a source of vitality and knowledge for its city but also a contemporary, innovative, and dynamic center of learning that illuminates the entire region.

The foundation of Dicle University was laid in 1966 with the establishment of the Diyarbakır Medical Faculty affiliated with Ankara University. In 1974, with the opening of the Faculty of Science and Literature, Dicle University acquired its university identity. Since its establishment, Dicle University has continued to develop in a balanced manner.

Dicle University offers its students modern and contemporary educational facilities, including 15 faculties, 4 vocational schools, 12 vocational higher schools, 4 institutes, a Central Library, a Central Research Laboratory, a Technology Development Zone, a Student Life Center, 32 Research and Application Centers, a State Conservatory, and a rare example of a Cultural and Congress Center. These facilities provide students with various opportunities for modern and contemporary education.

Dicle University encompasses various faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Theology, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Literature, Faculty of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Communication, Faculty of Pharmacy, and Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Additionally, it also has units such as the School of Physical Education and Sports, School of Foreign Languages, and Civil Aviation Schools.

Apart from its main campus, Dicle University also has Vocational Schools in the districts of Ergani, Çermik, Çüngüş, Bismil, and Silvan in Diyarbakır.

Having one of the largest congress centers in Turkey, Dicle University has become a center of attraction in the region in the field of science, art and culture by organizing nearly 1000 symposiums, congresses, panels, conferences and other events annually.

Dicle University Training and Research Hospital, with a total capacity of 1200 beds, is one of the most advanced hospitals in Turkey. In addition, it provides health services to approximately 7 million inhabitants of 8 provinces in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia Region with its Pediatric Hospital, Burn Unit, Oncology Hospital and Cardiology Hospital.

In order to train the young minds the country needs, a decent and peaceful campus environment has been prepared where students receive a contemporary and high-quality education in a safe and peaceful environment.

Dicle University, the contemporary face of Diyarbakır, is making strides in innovation in the scientific platform with its new laboratories. In line with this, it is rapidly increasing the number of locally equipped laboratories in all departments.

Dicle University, which aims to educate people who will be pioneers in society, also stands out with its scientific, cultural and social activities and brings together well-known scientists, writers, artists, journalists and businessme with students, faculty members and the people of Diyarbakır through symposiums, conferences, seminars, panels and concerts.

Dicle University, being a student-friendly institution, offers a vibrant and colorful campus atmosphere with activities such as folk dance performances, exhibitions, social picnics, and trips. It organizes inter-departmental sports competitions, various art shows, Turkish Folk Music and Turkish Classical Music Choirs, Theater Group performances, exhibitions, cinema days, and student club activities, adding lively scenes to the university life.

There are over 80 student clubs available at Dicle University that enable students to develop themselves through extracurricular activities.

In addition to the central student cafeteria, Dicle University provides various dining facilities within different faculties, along with canteens and cafeterias. These facilities aim to offer affordable and quality dining options to students. Moreover, free meals are provided to financially disadvantaged students.

Dicle Üniversitesi provides a highly appealing university environment for students with its campus surrounded by nature, convenient transportation options, rich social, cultural, and sports activities, quality healthcare services, banking facilities, post office, and wireless internet services.

Dicle University has large and modern sports facilities that can host national and international competitions. There are indoor sports halls with a capacity of 1500 and 500 spectators, fitness and wrestling training halls, Basketball, Volleyball, Football Fields, and Tennis courts, as well as Full Olympic and semi-Olympic outdoor and Indoor Swimming Pools.

Students' accommodation needs are met in dormitory facilities that provide a home-like and family-like environment.